HOP TROP PRAGUE TEAM - season 2009 closure


After finishing of this year flyball season our team members and necessary team helpers came to our house to make a few pictures of our dogs and trophies gained this year in flyball - we are really happy to reach such a nice results :)


- Eagerīs Cup                        2nd place - first division

- European Championship      3rd place in second division (+ Czech

                                              record 17,94 seconds)

- Brno FB tournament            1st place in first division

- Happy Ball tournament        1st place in first division

- Czech Championship           2nd place in first division

- Faster than a wind               1st place in first division (+ Czech record

                                              improvement to 17,74 seconds)

- Purina ProPlan Cup 2009    1st place in total


What will bring next season is a big question... however we are looking forward to flyball year 2010 already now...